Java Jazz Festival 2010: Brings the Good Reputation Of Indonesia In The World

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival’s is an annual Jazz Festival held every March in Jakarta, since 2005. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is not only one of the best jazz festival in Indonesia, but also one of the most prestigious event and the largest in the world. This festival originally pioneered by a fan and also actors in the jazz music industry in this country, Peter F. Gontha.

Peter is a man who brought jazz to Indonesia and he is the owner of Jakarta’s top jazz, Jamz where great artists like Bob James, Lee Ritenour, Chick Corea, Ramsey Lewis, The Rippingtons, Brecker Brothers, George Duke container assembly and expression jazz community that lives and breathes for jazz.

From here that he began to be motivated and inspired by the vision that people from all over the world can work together in peace and harmony through the wonderful medium of music, he sees music as the only international language, and through all obstacles and open the hearts and minds of every human beings. And jazz became the most perfect language to be expressed as an expression of heart in the work. So the idea to develop and more popularized jazz festival in the concept of international-scale urban areas continue to roll and officially labeled the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is produced by PT. Java Festival Production.

Java Festival Production is a company engaged in providing world-class integrated service music entertainment and lifestyle, working together with government, private sector and communities, local and international, in a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships. And bring the vision to be recognized as one of the most professional entertainment providers in the region with a program known for quality, innovation and impact in promoting peace, cross-cultural synergy and growth in the music industry and tourism.

With the support of the best resources in the industry to ensure the quality of each event, Java Festival production is expected to have more values: quality, innovation, service, commitment, offering the best solutions and long-term relationships.

In addition to presenting jazz musicians abroad and domestically, this festival is also accompanied by musicians from other musical genres such as R & B, soul, reggae. Among the leading musicians who were present at the event in 2006 was James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eric Benét, Bubi Chen, and Angie Stone in 2007, while Sergio Mendes, Chaka Khan, Lisa Ono and Jamie Cullum are among the musicians scheduled to perform. According to the official site of this festival, more than 67,000 visitors attended the festival for three days in the year 2006.

From the way since 2005, organizing this event is always centered at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), but the performances this year 2010 to organize this event will experience a slight change, namely the transfer capacity is not sufficient reason and to create comfort for the audience, where it eventually transferred to the JI Expo Kemayoran. It must be done because, according to him, every year the audience continued to increase. In the implementation in 2009, each day an average of 30,000 spectators filled the arena show.

In the implementation of this year, the number of spectators are expected to largest. Furthermore, he added, ticket prices reduced to the range of IDR 100 thousand / day, outside the special tickets for special musician.

In addition, the existence of the Java Jazz 2010 affirmed the position of Indonesia as one of the largest jazz festival organizers in the world. Even now the world’s great jazz musicians glanced at the Java Jazz as one of the jazz festival was to be followed. Its existence was parallel to the prestigious jazz festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands and several jazz festivals that have been established. According to Peter, is not an overstatement to several jazz musicians or musicians from different musical streams competing included his name in the Java Jazz 2010. Names will certainly show skills are Hubert Laws, including, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Steve Lukather (guitarist for TOTO) support more.

Jazz genre also appeared in the cuban jazz, latin jazz, brazilian jazz and will be broadcast by Arturo O’Farril, Adonis Puentes, Bryan Lynch Latin Jazz Quartet, Emilio Santiago’s Pristine Voice, Ivan Lins, and Hendrik Meurkens Samba Jazz Quartet.

While famous jazz musicians from Indonesia also would be given the same opportunity in this annual event,such as Tohpati, Bubi Chen, Indro Hardjodikoro, Oele Pattiselanno, Jeffrey Tahalele, and Jakarta Broadway Team. In addition, there was Andre Hehanusa, Ligro Trio, Idang Rasjidi, Skate, Elfa’s Bossas, Aksan and Titi Sjuman, RAN, Barry Likumahuwa, Rossa, Dewa Budjana, Gugun Shelter Blues, Soul Opustre Big Band, Laura Suwages, Ballerina, Notturno, and David Manuhutu.

Paul Dankmeyer as Director of Java Jazz 2010 asserted, this year’s festival will explain the position of Indonesia in the world of jazz repertoire, but it would bridge the jazz musicians from different cultural backgrounds, nations, and languages.

Note Paul, Java Jazz has been bringing various actors of jazz, blues and various other musical genres to Jakarta to mark the festivals are more meaningful and respected in the world.

For more information about the musicians that will follow the Java Jazz Festival 2010, please check this site : http://www.javajazzfestival.com/

Source : Viva News


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